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The Certified Wellness Advocate

Our certified wellness practitioners practice based on evidence of the latest and current available research. Our key roles aim to promote the professional, ethical and safe use of essential oils and related products, and to maximize their full potential as therapeutic agents.

We utilize peer-reviewed professional journals and publications dedicated to providing the professional wellness practitioner with useful information and resources to enhance our practice and expand our "toolbox." The journals and publications we utilize meet the needs of therapists by presenting solid practitioner-orientated and evidence-based information in a professional format.

The professional holistic Aromatherapist, and Wellness Advocate, assesses the client's needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Addressing the client's needs goes beyond the use of essential oils alone and may include herbs, vitamin supplements and advice on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications to address the client's body, mind and spirit.

We share the same passions as The Association for the International Research of Aromatic Science and Education -

"Our vision is to 'promote healing' the peoples of the world through promoting the scientific validity of essential oils and disseminating information globally on the scientifically proven therapeutic uses of essential oils for health and wellness." 

"We are passionate about essential oils because they are alternatives to "solutions" out there that you have tried but have not worked."

"We are a community of happy people who seek the truth about essential oils through scientific research."

"We are a community that is passionate about unadulterated, genuine essential oils."

"Our passion for essential oils invites everyone in the world to know and understand what essential oils can do for them. REMEMBER, THE TRUTH MAKES YOU FREE!"

"We are passionate about how people use essential oils-truth abounds everywhere in the world. People are using essential oils in food, on their bodies, in a drink of water, in cleaning, in a capsule, in the kitchen, in skin-care products, in the car, as dietary supplements, as air fresheners, on their animals, as insect repellents, to detoxify the smell of paint, and as a replacement for the medicine cabinet. Essential oils can do just about anything that passionate, free people can imagine."

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