Process Overview


Essential oil therapy covers a vast scope of ailments, conditions, health matters, disorders and diseases. However, before you purchase a consult you can make an inquiry by completing the Custom Quote Inquiry to find out if your specific condition, symptom, or health matter has a remedy response for a consult treatment recommendation.


After you pay for the consultation you will receive a link to download the Health Questionnaire to be filled in and sent back to us. The completed Health Questionnaire MUST BE SIGNED and DATED in order for Consult to be initiated.


  1. Save the form, and type your responses in the shaded areas.

  2. Sign the form digitally and email. Or print the form and sign, scan and email to as attachment.  Or you may fax signed forms to (844) 270-5481.

There are five steps in the process of requesting a consultation. We anticipate the steps will take you about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Step 1  Requestor and Client Information


In this step we will ask for information about the client. If the requestor is not the client, the client is required to submit a Proxy Consent Form. If the client is not 18 years of age, the requestor is required to submit a  Proxy Consent Form on behalf of the client.



 Step 2  Wellness Health Questionnaire


The Wellness Health Questionnaire provides valuable health related information such as your health concerns, and past/present medical history.  

  1. We will ask for specific information about your medical history, any current test results, diagnosis, allergies and medications.
  2. Tell us in your own words about any conditions or symptoms you're experiencing.


 Step 3  Lifestyle Questionnaire

You probably are aware of what you should or should not be eating, or doing, that is not healthy; but, maybe not. We will provide links that are based on scientific research, and in some cases clinical research, that will outline helpful strategies and a treatment plan for optimal health.

The Life Style Assessment Form is necessary for our recommendations to identify foods or habits that need to be eliminated, modified or added. And provides valuable insight into your habits, state of mind and spiritual inclination, all of which are important to overall well-being.

1.  We will ask for information that may be affecting your health in order for you to implement practices proactively and preventatively for maintenance, sustainment, and recovery.


 Step 4  Payment of Online Consultation

We accept payment by most major credit cards or certified U.S. bank check or money order through PayPal secure payment system.


Step 5   Review and Submit

Once you submit, you will not be able to cancel the request and are responsible for payment. Please see FAQ for additional inquiries.