e-Consultation Services


For Dynamic Living e-Consultation is a secure, affordable online, natural health service that connects you to a professional certified wellness advocate from the comfort of your home or office. Our wellness advocates will develop a personalized, comprehensive wellness program based on your unique requirements. After you answer a series of simple questions, a wellness advocate will review your needs, help you establish realistic goals, and outline a plan of treatment.


Our primary consult is with the application of therapeutic essential oils. However, if your condition warrants additional strategies for your recovery we will direct you to additional links recommending a total wellness approach for comprehensive healing.


Online consultation via email is ideal for non-acute, non-urgent, health conditions that are a short-term, long-term or chronic disturbance to your health. An online consultation does not replace an actual visit to a physician. Each and every consultation is customized to your personal background and needs based on the information, and/or diagnosis you provide.


Each essential oil we select for you to use will be determined on the information we receive from you. Truthfulness is always the best policy. The more thorough you are on the Questionnaire Form the better the treatment approach.


Our online Consult Service is currently $75.00 to cover one or two health conditions. Your customized wellness approach is inclusive of the following recommendations:


  • Recommended treatment plan utilizing therapeutic essential oils (aromatherapy) for two (2) specific conditions. Please Note - (consult does not include products*) Our Recommended Product Line May Be Purchased Here
  • - Method of usage
  • - Dosage of usage
  • Lifestyle modification recommendations
  • Food as medicine recommendations*
  • Prayer
  • Articles on: divine healing, mind-body-spirit connection in healing therapy, and biblical applications for both spiritual and therapeutic use of essential oils -Table of Contents
  • *Recommended online partner resource links




What Can You Expect

"Integrative Approach" means that the best of conventional medicine is integrated with the best of complementary and alternative therapies that are supported by scientific evidence. What are the benefits? "Integrative Approach" reduces reliance on medications, hospitalizations and surgery while optimizing health, wellness and vitality.


For Dynamic Living takes the time to review and understand who you are and works with you to create a customized, proactive, long-term health plan to address your health concerns and achieve your goals. The process appreciates the innate potential you have for self-repairing and healing. The success of your course of treatment is only as effective as the:

  • Quality of the products you use (our recommended partner sites)

  • The positive state of mind you maintain

  • The bad lifestyle habits you replace to make healthy life choices

Our Track Record


The focus is on the person rather than the disease, empowering clients to take charge of nature's internal healing forces. Educating clients to take their power through natural therapies is our passion and watching them thrive is rewarding beyond measure. In our practice, we enlighten, equip and empower our clients to take charge of their own internal healing power. Read More About Our Staff Protocol